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We are Ethiopian first Socks brand on a simple mission: to provide uniquely designed eco-friendly socks as a force for Good. Our goal is not only to make great socks you will love but also use our profit and growth as a means to a greater end positive impact for employees, communities and the environment.


Queen Sheba

Queen Sheba socks is our iconic socks inspired by one of the most powerful woman in history and oldest love story known to man; the legend of queen Sheba merged with one of the most sophisticated and prestigious traditional pattern design reminds us of wisdom, love and compassion.

Noble Alphabet

Socks born out of an ancient Ethiopian alphabet (Fidel) and Numeric system, the unique character’s twisting edges and elegant curves is dedicated to those who want to learn new things, look bold and stand out. The simple colorful pattern adorning the socks gives us the choice to experiment with colors.

Royalty Tibeb

The beauty of the traditional tibeb can be seen in this piece, it was inspired by some of the traditional tibeb designs worn in the ancient times when the royalty and the nobility dressed with beautiful patterns especially made for them,
Step up to your royal throne, by slipping your feet into our royalty socks.Walk proudly like a king with these meticulously designed regal socks.

Empire Blue

Empire Blue, a simple design that is derived from fractional simulations of processional crosses inspired from the Ethiopian Orthodox church, it bears elegance, history and confidence to its wearer

Majestic Pattern

Majestic Pattern is a simple pattern design derived from Ethiopian Art. The calm colors and simple geometry inspire calmness, humility and control, for those who love to wear art on their feet, and navigating empires in life.


Items design to fit


It’s not just socks, it tells stories one pair at a time……….

We believe as everyday essential socks are perfect to share heritage and ancient patterns that we have here in Ethiopia with the rest of the world. At Sheba Socks, we want to tell stories; inspire a sustainable lifestyle and make a difference one pair at a time.



Our inspiration began with Tibeb (Tilet) refers to the decoration or pattern which is handwoven with supplementary weft into the border of the Shemma (Handwoven garment) worn by women and men in Ethiopia. Weaving Tibeb, is an ancient craft in Ethiopia.

Queen Sheba Tibeb is one of the most sophisticated and prestigious traditional pattern designs that led to the inspiration of Sheba Socks. Tibeb is Traditional, Elegant, Colorful, and Comfortable. Our ambition is to capture this sense of assured style, sophistication, and Ethiopian heritage and make it relevant for today’s modern gentleman, within Ethiopia’s first modern socks brand.



We are passionate about being a quality brand that makes a difference. We believe most of us wear socks and if each pair has a positive impact then socks will make a difference.

Every time you buy a pack of our socks, a portion of that sale will be donated to an initiative that can really have an impact on others. And we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have chosen charities to receive a portion of our sales to support education & healthcare causes in Ethiopia.

Help us make a difference! (#packforimpact)



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